English name:Methylal;dimethoxymethane;formal
No. CAS:109-87-5
Chemical formula:C3H8O2;CH2(OCH3)2 
Relative molecular mass:76.1
Melting point:-104.8℃ 
Boiling point: 42.3℃ 
Density: 0.8593
Refractive index: 1.3513    
1、Application in pesticide formulation.
2、Application in leather polish, car polishing agent formula.
3、Application in air freshener formula.
4、Application in ribbon formulations.
5、Application in electronic equipment cleaning formulations.
6、Methylal can be used in fat, wax, nitrocellulose, natural resin, rosin, tall oil, most of the synthetic resin, polystyrene, vinyl acetate polymer and copolymer, polyester, acrylic ester, acrylate, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, chlorinated rubber etc. as quantitative dissolving.
7、A small amount of methylal with alcohol, ester or ketone mixing can make obtained synergistic effect. These features about Methylal make it particularly suitable as additives in paint and varnish formulations, glue and adhesives, inks and aerosol products, and make the products had good homogeneous phase.

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